The aesthetically designed Agra Public Pharmacy College(APPC) campus has a stimulating atmosphere, conducive to all round development of students. The campus is well designed with academic block, hostel and recreational facilities. The academic complex consists of spacious lecture halls,well equipped labs, computer center, conference room, auditorium, library, faculty chambers & administrative offices.

APPC 's Lecture Rooms

Best layouts and idyllic ambience characterize the lecture theatres of APPC , which are spacious equipped with the latest teaching aids & audio visual equipments facilitating the process of fast and updated learning. The physical infrastructure houses an air-conditioned seminar and conference hall with an open-air theatre make learning at APPC a truly stimulating experience.

APPC's Library

The library is not merely a place to borrow and read book, but a treasure trove of Information. At APGE we have excellent collection of Multimedia Educational CDs and softwares. This differentiates the library of APGE from others. APPC library has rich collection of books, periodicals, journals, (national & international), magazines audio & video cassette & CD's for ready reference. APPC library consists of around 7,500 books & 115 journals with a seating capacity of 250 students which indicates an earnest desire to deliver the facilities at par with the renowned B-Schools. Spacious and air-conditioned reading rooms and quiet corners where students can persue a weighty time or get down to composing the next essay or assignment and prolonged students stay in the library.

APPC's Computer Centre

With growing advancement in technology, Planning and decision making by the managers of today requires computer based models, simulation and software tools to pace with the present trend. Computer Centre at the Institute is equipped with Pentium CORE-2 DUO processor configuration systems and all modern software's, to drown the students abreast with the fast changing business and management needs of the corporate world. 24x7 internet accessibility via 2mbps lease line is provided to the students. The computer student's ratio is 1:1, which imparts cutting edge knowledge. A centrally air-conditioned Computer Centre meets the needs of faculty as well as students for their research and teaching. Dedicated Internet facilities with 2 mbps are provided. Computer machines with latest configuration are connected by LAN and Wi-Fi network.

APPC 's Laboratories

APPC is providing quality technical education in the field of pharmacy by conducting courses such as B. Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy. Hence, the Institution occupies well equipped laboratories so that the students working there get interested in their subject with afresh enthusiasm. It is the utmost desire of the management to make the students of pharmacy exposed to different machineries used in pharmaceutical world, so that when they actually go in the practical field they are not confronted with abnormal and challenging situations.

Pharmaceutics Lab

The laboratory is the best place from where the student starts his first lesson in Pharmacy. It is well equipped with equipments and instruments like ovens including stability oven, thermostatically controlled water bath, vacuum dessicators etc.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

Two laboratories which have been made in a way to make the students aware of the chemicals i.e. drugs, the backbone of the marketed medicines. Here they would be acquainted with know how of the drug’s manufacturing and their commercial possibilities . For this the laboratories have facilities to perform small scale preparations of drugs. Laboratory is designed with separate Preparation Room (PR) and Balance Room (BR. The Laboratory is furnished with state of art furniture and essential equipments like Fume Chambers, Exhaust etc.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab

It is rightly said that “Medicines are poisons used with caution”. To be in line with the present scenario the Pharmaceutical Analysis laboratory is planned and housed with instruments like pH meter, conductivitymeter, refractometer, polarimeter, Karl Fischer apparatus, Kjedhal apparatus etc. along with electronic digital balance with high sensitivity. These would make the students abreast with all the techniques used in modern analysis in conformation with the course content.

Anatomy and Physiology Lab

An understanding of human anatomy, physiology and Patho-physiology are the basics for understanding the human body and disease. The laboratory hosts a collection of charts, various models including 2 human skeleton and Binocular and Monocular Microscopes, Haemoglobinometer, Haemocytometers, Digital thermometer, Glucometer, Stalagmomanometer etc. The students would learn about the human anatomy through the models and charts. They would also be able to conduct various pathological tests giving them exposure to understand the human anatomy and the effects of various changes that come in physiology.

Instrumentation Lab

Modern analytical instruments have become the necessity for conducting and monitoring the proper analysis of the raw materials as well as the finished products, thus maintaining the standards. With consideration of the above, the air conditional modern instrument room has been constructed which housed Flamephotometer, Conductivitymeter, Potentiometers,etc . and would house UV spectrophotometer, HPLC, auto-analyzer etc. These would help students to be well versed with the handling of such instruments, which is a comprehensive part of their theory.This exercise will be a hands on experience imparting knowledge useful in maintaining the quality assurance department at the industries.

Biotechnology Lab

The microbiology laboratory has been designed in such a way that it is in conformation with the most of the advanced microbiology laboratories. The complete air lock aseptic room is equipped with laminar flow and other essential equipment where handling of the microbes will be carried out. This Lab is specially made keeping the safety of students at first place.

Pharmacognosy Lab

This modern laboratory has been designed in such a way that apart from routine analysis of crude drugs obtained from both plants and animal sources, there is provision for isolation of these chemical constituents from the plant materials. The laboratory, equipped with modern and sophisticated equipment like Muffle Furnace, Camera Lucida, etc.

Machine Room

The APPC Machine Hall is meant for housing mini equipments to represent heavy industrial equipments. These would help the students to understand the basic needs of Pharmaceutical industries. SMIP's Machine room is SMIP’s machine room is equipped with most of the latest essential equipments like tablet punching machines, coating machines, capsule filling machine, ampoule washing, ampoule filling, ampoule sealing and lots of other pharmaceutical machines.

Personality Development Programmes (PDP)

No efforts will be spared in the process of identifying and improving the soft skills of the students. Resource persons from within and from the corporate world will be sought help from to ensure augmentation of the employability of the students after the completion of their course. A systematically designed result oriented structured module considering the requirements of the students exists and finds place in the regular curricula. Quizzes, business plans, case studies, investors' house, management games, role playing, in-house exercises, debates, elocution, extempore, group discussion will be integral part of management education at APPC .

Herbal garden

The College has a well-maintained Medicinal Herbal Plant Garden with about more than one hundred species of medicinal plants.

Conference Hall

The institute has well equipped conference halls with high tech presentation facilities. The multimedia classrooms and syndicate rooms are spacious; air conditioned and equipped with over-head projector, LCD projector, Internet facility and power supply for laptops are available. Syndicate rooms can be used for discussion(s) amongst the groups.

Medical facilities